About the ICC

The innovative International Competence Center (ICC) training facility was opened at the IBA Dosimetry headquarters in Schwarzenbruck, Germany, in July 2012. The ICC is the first training center in the world where trainees can simulate treatment verification and quality assurance systems without patient traffic, in a facility that mirrors a real clinical environment.

The aim of the ICC is to train healthcare professionals in using Radiation Therapy and Medical Imaging Dosimetry equipment safer and more efficiently.

The training courses will be held by renowned clinical speakers as well as by highly qualified IBA staff members.

Apart from the trainings in the ICC facilities at the IBA Dosimetry headquarters we will offer courses in selected top-level clinics worldwide.


Mr. Rob PlompenMr. Rob Plompen, President of IBA Dosimetry: “The idea behind the establishment of the ICC is to improve cancer treatment outcomes by providing high-quality dosimetry training to healthcare professionals involved in the planning and delivery of radiation therapy. With the ICC we have created an environment that promotes an international exchange of knowledge and experiences among those involved in measuring radiation dosage. Our comprehensive training courses will include topics such as efficient and effective LINAC and RTPS commissioning, verifying complex IMRT and rotational treatments in 2D and 3D, and regulatory and quality assurance matters in radiation therapy.”

The ICC is the latest addition to the IBA Academy, supplementing our training offering around the globe.


The ICC features high-end radiation therapy and medical imaging equipment that allows for clinical trainings of most advanced treatment protocols:

Your curriculum

Lectures and trainings by renowned clinical speakers and IBA staff members
Learn about the latest advancements and treatment techniques in Radiation Therapy and Medical Imaging.

State-of-the- Art Technology
Benefit from the facilities in our unique International Competence Center.

Hands-on training
Enhance your skills in realistic clinical environment.

Exchange of knowledge
Discuss your experiences and knowledge with delegates from all over the world.