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10 - 14 December 2018

Safety and precision through the whole RT process

This course combines two of our most successful modules:

  • Striving for best quality in modern radiation therapy
  • Efficient beam scanning & (IMRT) TPS commissioning


Any of the two modules may also be booked seperately!

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10 - 12 December 2018

Striving for the best quality in modern radiation therapy

This course is part of our Safety and precision through the whole RT process training week

  • Absolute Dosimetry
  • Plan QA
  • Multiple hands-on sessions


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12 - 14 December 2018

Efficient beam scanning & (IMRT) TPS commissioning (3 days)

Learn how to commission your Linac and TPS fastest

This course is part of our Safety and precision through the whole RT process training week

  • Commissioning of FF free LINAC
  • Efficient usage of BluePhantom² / OmniPro-Accept
  • Small field dosimetry


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Future courses


Your guide to best practice

A training course in cooperation with Yashoda Cancer Institute

  • Blue Phantom Radiation Field Analyzer & Omnipro Accept
  • Hands-on: Setting up of Blue Phantom
  • Relative & absolute dose measurements with photons and electrons
  • Overview of small field Dosimetry
  • Hands-on: Calibration & commissioning of IMatrixx - 2D
  • Overview of VMAT patient specific QA
  • Hands-on: Compass Beam data & detector commissioning
  • Hands-on: Patient specific QA using compass 3D Dosimetry system


This course will be available again shortly.

Your global QA platform: myQA

All-in-One. All Connected. All Secure.

New: LINAC and onboard imaging machine QA

  • Introduction to myQA software
  • Protocols for LINAC QA
  • Protocols for onboard imaging QA
  • Hands-on: LINAC QA, EPID QA, Cone-Beam CT QA
  • Data archiving in Database
  • Reference data comparison in the cloud


This course will be available in 2016.


Past courses

Understanding Compass Commissioning

The art of obtaining appropriate Compass machine – models

  • The physics behind COMPASS
  • Understanding the commissioning: the role of parameters in the beam model
  • What is special about DOLPHIN?
  • Practical & group exercises


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Messtechnische Kontrolle an Dosisflächenprodukt Messgeräten

Schulung zur Durchführung der MTK an DFPs nach §14 MPBetreibV

  • Diagnostische Referentzwerte
  • Rechtliche Grundlagen zur Messtechnischen Kontrolle
  • Durchführung & Herausforderungen der Messtechnischen Kontrolle in der Theorie
  • Hands-on Messtechnische Kontrolle an einem Dosisflächenproduktmessgerät


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Transmissionsdosimetrie mit DOLPHIN & STEALTH

Präsentation anläßlich der IMRT-Tagung in Erlangen


  • Vorstellung des ICC
  • Vortrag DOLPHIN
  • Votrag STEALTH Chamber


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Learn to improve your precision right from the beginning

  • Protocols for absolute Dosimetry (TRS 398, DIN 6800, TG51)
  • Small-Field Dosimetry
  • Dosimetry for Flattening-Filter-Free LINACS
  • Individual characteristics of various LINAC models
  • Dosimetry Audit, e.g. MTK (Germany)
  • Hands-on (1D and 3D Water Phantom)
  • Daily QA


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Online Dosimetry with DOLPHIN

An introduction to transmission patient plan QA


  • Conventional Plan QA
  • 3D Anatomy Oriented Plan QA with COMPASS
  • Transmission Dosimetry with DOLPHIN
  • Workflow and Characteristics of Equipment
  • Clinical Experience and Results
  • Hands-on in the ICC


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Kurse zur Aktualisierung der Fachkunde im Strahlenschutz


In Zusammenarbeit mit dem HDT - Haus der Technik (Essen) werden folgende Kurse angeboten:

  • Kurs zur Aktualisierung der Fachkunde im Strahlenschutz, Fachkundegruppen S4.1, S4.2 und S4.3
  • Kurs zur Aktualisierung der Fachkunde im Strahlenschutz, Fachkundegruppen S1.1, S1.2, S1.3, S2.1, S2.2, S2.3, S3.1, S3.2 und S6.1
  • Kurs zur Aktualisierung der Fachkunde im Strahlenschutz, Fachkundegruppe S5
  • Kurs zur Aktualisierung der Fachkunde im Strahlenschutz, Fachkundegruppen S6.2, S6.3 und S6.4 (Beschleuniger)


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Online Dosimetry for IMRT/VMAT treatments

A training course in cooperation with UMM (Universitätsmedizin Mannheim)


  • Introduction to DOLPHIN 2D transmission detector
  • Introduction to COMPASS 3D dosimetry software
  • Rationale for online dosimetry
  • Clinical considerations
  • Replacement of pretreatment QA
  • Online Dosimetry for Hypofractionation and SBRT


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Best-Practice with myQA

A hands-on training

  • myQAPlatformoverview
  • Machine QA: Theory & hands-on
  • Plan Verification: Strategies and limitations
  • myQA Patients: Software overview & hands-on
  • From 2D to 3D Plan Verification
  • Measurements with DOLPHIN®


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Patient-Specific Plan Verification in 2D and 3D

Underlying Physics and best-practice hands-on training

In this 2 – days training module, we will present the challenges of patient plan verification for highly modulated treatment modalities.

From theoretical considerations about requirements for sensitive and specific QA, we will come to a hands-on best practice training.

Eventually, the Students will become familiar with the rationale, significance and power of a state-of-the art 3D verification system, Where DVH-based analysis is performed patient anatomy.


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Small Fields and FFF

The new DIN 6809-8 in theory and hands-on-practice

  • Refresher: Basics of Absolute Dosimetry
  • Absolute Dosimetry Protocols (TRS398, TRS277, DIN 6800, TG51)
  • Dosimetry according to DIN 6809/8 for small photon fields
  • Dosimetry for flattening-filter free LINACs
  • Practical exercises


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Grundlagen der Konstanzprüfung nach der Qualitätssicherungsrichtlinie (QS-RL) und DIN 6868-4/ -13/ -157

Praktische Übungen in kleinen Gruppen

  • Konstanzprüfung in der digitalen Projektionsradiographie
  • Konstanzprüfung in der Durchleuchtung
  • Konstanzprüfung an Bildwiedergabesytemen
  • praktische Übungen an einer Siemens Axiom Luminos dRF
  • praktische Übungen am Bildwiedergabesytem


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Imaging QA

Training zur neuen DIN 6868-157: Abnahme- und Konstanzprüfung nach RöV an Bildwiedergabesystemen in ihrer Umgebung

  • Abnahme- und Konstanzprüfung nach DIN 6868-157 / QS-RL, 2014
  • Achtung: Ab 1.Mai 2015 muß die Norm zwingend angewendet werden.


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